Journal Entry #1


I’m planning on making fortnightly entries to this log. We’ll see how that sticks. I plan to cover my writing and publishing endeavours, along with whatever else I feel like sharing as things develop for me.

This journal will, for the most part, be complimented by essays and articles that may appear from time to time, both on my blog and my website.


Much has changed for me of late. I’ve struggled to gain the slightest sliver of attention for almost three years, during which time I slaved endlessly over short-story pitches, agent submissions, manuscript drafts, and social networking; all in the hope of securing some kind of foothold in the literary world.

For the most part, bar a few nibbles from agents and editors, and the publication of my first short story, I haven’t had all that much to show for my efforts. But nobody ever found any kind of success by lamenting their unrealised ideals, so on I pressed.

I kept writing. I kept submitting. I researched self-publishing. I drafted, re-drafted, edited, and re-drafted again. I sought critiques, gave critiques, secured beta-readers, conversed with local reading groups, and connected with every writer I could the world over. I left my manuscripts lying in drawers for up to a year – let them stew, and grow distant – before returning to them, and starting all over again.

I knew in my heart that, if I kept on going, I would eventually make headway.

Alas, my prayers have finally been answered.

Friday, I signed up with Leslie Gardner, literary agent for Artellus Ltd. I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her. Already, I can tell from our discussions that we’re both aligned in terms of attitude towards publishing; and I couldn’t be happier with the arrangement that we’ve come to.

Right now we’re working on all the necessaries before taking the manuscript for my debut novel, Ruin, out into the big wide world. I’m certain that this is where the hard work truly begins, but I’m raring to try my hand, to test myself – and, as always, to experience something new.


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