Journal #5

First two weeks into my degree, first stop back home, first eight assignments doled out.

Sleep-deprivation? Check.

Embarrassing laundry mistakes? Check.

Building sense of dread regarding future work-load? Check.

I’ve waited to be here for so long. And, along the way, I had doubts – I thought that maybe I wasn’t meant to do this; that people like me really were just supposed to find a job and get on with life.

But – at the risk of sounding horrifically cheesy – now that I’m here, I feel at home.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a fortnight. Rather, my sense of it is caught somewhere between a fleeting moment an eternity. I’ve just arrived, but at the same time life before now seems distant and unreal.


Physics lectures got off to a great start. Straight into the material; no namby-pamby slow-start. The material has been basic thus far, to account for a varied skill-set from the student-body; but by now we’re leaving all that behind, and moving into uncharted territory.



On the side, I’ve started a Japanese class. Having neglected language skills until now, along with music (I’ll get to that one, too…eventually), I’m pretty sure that I’m in over my head. Whilst I like to think myself a dab-hand with the written word, I’m flummoxed when it comes to linguistics. French class in 9th year was something that struck me senseless on a regular basis; for all I knew, it was so much gibberish the teacher was making up on the spot.

But, I’ve been fascinated by Japanese culture for as long as I can remember. With any luck, I’ll get over there at some point and take a peek first-hand. And, when I get there, I’d like to be able to at least take a wild stab at introducing myself.

First lesson was a bit of a blur of hiragana and awkward introductions between English and Chinese students who were trying to speak each other’s languages before we’d even got to the Japanese, but it was certainly an exhilarating experience.


I’ve also wormed my way into the science/tech page of the student newspaper. My first tidbit piece is due to appear in the next issue, and with any luck I’ll have one or two good ideas to throw their way by the year’s end.


Fitting writing into my schedule is still tricky enough to make the days interesting. Spare moments are snatched between lectures and during midnight forays to the bathroom to scribble down the odd note, and my word-count has taken somewhat of a hit. But I’m still going strong, and I’m getting progress. With any luck, I’ll be finished with my WIP by the term’s end, and be back in the New Year for my next project.

I’m still unsure as to whether that’ll be the second instalment of Ruin, or something else; a lot of projects are still shoving for the top spot. Time will tell, on that front.


Reading wise, I’m onto another Dickens. Two Cities swaddled me in effortless prose from the get-go, and I was reminded by the end of the first page why so many writers give up entirely after sitting down to one of his masterpieces.

My student-room bookshelf has been filled with all the books I’ve meant to read, but neglected; the thinking being that I’ll be forced to tackle them in the absence of anything else.

For the nonce, War and Peace will most likely keep gathering dust like always, but I’ll get to it. At some point. Maybe.


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