Journal #6

I’ve come back to writing after a dry month that seemed to pass in a blur, but I’ve returned with a replenished fuel supply. I was concerned that I’d have fallen out of the rhythm of sitting down to write every day, even after only a few weeks. But, as it turns out, I needn’t have worried. I sat down yesterday and a few thousand words poured out without so much as a nudge from my end.

Like a wordy capacitor, it seems that I’ve been storing up a bunch of scenes, snippets and ideas throughout the month. Now, they’re all itching to get out at once, and I’ve spent all morning scribbling odds and ends, and filing them away in their respective projects for use later on.

Life is busy, and reading is being fitted in whenever I have a spare minute – though, for a while there, I was spending my free moments staring in a daze at the wall – and I’m making steady progress through A Tale of Two Cities. I’m thinking that I’ll be moving on to either some Bradbury or Asmiov next, though I’m tempted to take a detour from my backlist and take a peek at King’s Doctor Sleep.

Work on The Strain is nearing the halfway point in terms of first drafts. I’m feeling the story come together in my mind, and I’m already some way to having decided where I’m going to make tweaks when it comes to the first revision. Some more development on the MC’s home-life needs to be explored, I think, before the main arc of the story begins.

At present, I plan to finish the novella at around the fifty-thousand-word mark, and then par it down to somewhere in the low forties. Before I make my revision, though, I think I’ll need some time apart from it. I’ll put it in a drawer, and move on to some work for Ruin 2, or break into one of the unfinished YA manuscripts I’ve put aside. I may even start work on my next planned project: a horror novel set in the same universe as Ruin, somewhat of a prequel (I’m very keen to start work on this one, but I’ve been keeping it back for a while now, certain that I want to give it the room and time it deserves).

By my next entry, I hope to be well into the meaty part of The Strain, and aim to have the manuscript collecting dust in the bedside cabinet by Christmas.

‘Till then, adieu.


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