Journal #8

Home for Christmas. Recovering in the traditional style of students: sleeping. During my few remaining wakeful hours, I’m reading, voraciously. I’ve eaten my way through four books in as many days, and the trend looks set to continue. Between the cracks, I’m writing and editing, and very much enjoying the freedom of being able to pick up the pen whenever the fancy takes me, instead of having to slot it in around my degree’s schedule.

Another birthday this week: twenty-two, and counting. Relatives are still asking what gift I’d like this year. I wonder at what age you stop getting those kinds of questions. Despite my insistence that I’m too old for all that fluff, I’ve drawn up a list, like an eight-year-old. Guess what I’m asking for? That’s right: my back-list of books.

Doctor Sleep is top on that list. I’m planning on making that one last over Christmas.

With regard to editing, I’ve taken a year-old story out of the drawer, and blown off the dust. Last time I saw it, it had just finished its second round of beta-reading. I recall being convinced that I needed a little distance from it, and put it away for later. I think at the time I only wanted to give it a month or two, but here we are.

It’s not as bad as I expected. I don’t think a rewrite is in the cards, but a good polish is definitely needed. The usual run of embarrassing errors that I was too close to have seen before have already been dealt with, and now I’m picking at it here and there. I expect another week or so will have the first polish complete, and I’ll send it off for a fresh beta-read.

Look out for it in future: a lone survivor of a nuclear apocalypse in Alaska, living out his final days. The working title is Goodnight, Alaska. I’m quite fond of it, so I don’t expect it’ll change.

In the writing sphere, work on my WIP novella The Strain continues. Nothing further to report. Work continues. I’m past the thirty-thousand-word mark, and I’m aiming for a finish-point somewhere between fifty-or-sixty-thousand. Whether or not I’ll par that down to a healthy forty, or flesh it out into a full novel, I’m not sure. Time will tell.

I’m feeling the Christmas spirit this year. It’s been a while. It may be the change in lifestyle, new horizons, what have you. Whatever happens, I’m set on making the most of my holiday.

Be good, folks.



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