Journal #9

Home once again, this time for the Easter holidays. There simply hasn’t been time for an update during the term. I’ve been to the wall with work and writing duties beside sitting my arse in the chair and cranking out the daily quota have taken a back seat.

Despite the grind, I’ve made a good turnover in terms of word-count. Not that a mass of pages amounts to good writing, of course, but I’m fairly sure there are a few nuggets swimming around in the chaff. I’ve managed to complete two flash pieces, a short story, and around two-thirds of a novella.

What’s more, I’ve been inspired by a long lunch with a friend to return to the Ruin Saga early. The plan is to finish up with a few loose ends and the novella, spend a few months editing other manuscripts, and then get to work on Ruin’s second instalment. I must say I felt that I’d be leaving it at least another year until even trying to tackle the second run – especially as part one is still making the rounds at publishing houses – but my mind is set. I took the break from it mainly because of the four years I’d been working on the saga until then, taking the chance to flail around in the backlist of short story ideas I’d built up.

I’m still a long way off from making any headway into that list – hell, sometimes it feels like I could spend the rest of my life tinkering around with them – but now that I’ve decided to go back to Ruin, I’m excited. It was almost as though I was secretly yearning to return to the world I’ve crafted for so long, which is so close to my heart.

Maybe I’ll stick to the plan, maybe I won’t. It’s entirely possible I’ll get side-tracked somewhere along the line, or maybe start another project. But, for now, I’m being driven on by the idea of returning to the gang who survived the End.

In other news, I’ll be starting a series of book reviews to appear on the site in the near future. I’ll also be accepting requests, and I’ll also be willing to review self-published works from fellow authors (keep your eyes posted for details).

There may also be a few stories appearing on the site for readers to download for free. I’ve been working on them for a long while and, though most of them aren’t of a length or topic that fits the marketplace, I feel they might have a place out in the world.

I’ll try to update the journal more frequently, but if I don’t, I’ll see you when I see you.

Stay frosty, folks.


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