Journal #10

I bought a journal yesterday. Another one. I say that as though I went out with buying one in mind – in fact I went to an electronics store to poke around the tablets (I’m fighting the urge to satisfy my tech urges and replace my first generation iPad) – but I inevitably ended up in the stationery isle of the nearest supermarket, staring at all the pens and notebooks like usual.

The journal with a siren song.

I’ve been at university for the past few months, so all my writing has been done on the fly, hammered into MS Word or scribbled into the margins of my lecture notes. When it comes to sitting down with my leather journals and my fountain pens, like I could when I had a bedroom at my parents’ house, there’s no chance. No time, no space.

Looking at those cheap faux-leather A5 specimens in the bargain isle, I was mesmerised. It all came flooding back. I had to write, really write – feel the tactile sensation of nib scratching against paper. I snatched it up and took it home. Cursing the day’s remaining revision until it was complete, I then set to the crisp paper of my new journal with zeal.

Now, I’ve already got a pile of the things, most of them half-full of notes and odds-and-ends. But this was new, and pretty, and it had been calling to me since I laid eyes on it up on the top shelf. I can’t put into words how relaxing it was to sit down with my favourite pen and start writing, longhand. Nothing in particular, just writing.

Sometimes I wonder whether I was really meant to be a writer. But other times, journals call out to me, and I get that funny itch in my fingers, and I know I couldn’t be anything else.



14 thoughts on “Journal #10

    1. Ah, a fellow journal hoarder! At some
      point my collection grew so large I started giving them away. They’re still all over the place. I’m always finding pocket sized ones in jackets I haven’t worn in a while.

  1. This post just makes me want to go out to buy another new journal. In fact, I was just thinking about doing that this evening. I’ve got too many already, but I’ve been thinking about getting one and using it for one story only.

      1. Away! To purchase overpriced journals that will become part of the pile that I already have!

      2. If only. Do you indulge in Moleskine?
        I find they’re almost too beautiful to actually write in. They just sit on my shelf looking pretty. It’s the cheaper options I buy by the armful that get filled.

      3. Oh yes! When I can, which is not often, because I am cheap and I try to only buy them on sale. And they also just sit on my shelf looking elegant.

      4. Good to know I’m not alone, there. I feel I’d need a critical mass of Moleskines — say, a crate-load — to risk ruining one by actually writing in it!

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