Journal #13

photo 1I went for a walk yesterday with my father. A two-hour jaunt into the fields that lie just behind my home. There was still a good deal of mist on the ground by 11AM, and the area was dead silent. It being a bank holiday, I guess most people were enjoying a lie in.

We came across some woodlands, and just beyond the fence were thousands of bluebells. Dad and I just followed the tree-line, looking in, and we didn’t say much. Didn’t have to. Just enjoyed walking along together, and drinking in something to which neither of us could do justice in expressing.

Ain’t that a bitch for a writer? To know that you could write for a full century and still never come close to capturing the joy that such a simple thing can bring.

After that we came to a 17th century hunting lodge that today is a national heritage site, Houghton House, reportedly the inspiration for House Beautiful in The Pilgrim’s Progress. Somewhere everyone but me seems to have been aware of for years. We walked right inside the ruins and took note of the beams, the centuries-old engravings, and took in the view it enjoys over countryside.

The whole place brought me up in gooseflesh, because it was Lohen House incarnate; the homestead of the Lohens, a family that have inhabited my imagination for almost five years. I’ve walked the halls of that place in my dreams countless times, and this place was the spit of 2

Needless to say, I took plenty of photographs. If all goes to plan, I’ll start writing the first of my works in which the Lohens appear next summer. And you never know when my imagination might need a kick-start.

Then we went home. It was just a walk, but I know I needed it.

I’ve lived in the village for over a year, walked its streets every day, and had no idea that any of that was out there, less than a mile from my front door. And now I have all that beauty to take in whenever I feel the need.

The little things in life can be so delicious.

As I stated in my article, it’s exam week this coming Monday. So my writing and reading are being put on hold, for the most part. Rest assured, I’ll be making my way through The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and scribbling away here and there on my WIP novella, Our Fair Eden.

So there may be a lull for a few days. But fear not, for I have a schedule.

Coming up soon: a guest interview with author Jess Sturman-Coombs, an article for my nomination in the Leibster Award, and a blog tour post on the writing process. I’ll also be making a post all about Our Fair Eden, introducing the concept and story. I may even post an excerpt or two for your perusal.

But, just for this week, I’m going to call time, and put the manic writing marathons on hold. My social media may also flag a tad, as you may expect.

Ah, the trials of a student life. Shouldn’t have taken a science degree, huh? It means you have to live so mercilessly in the real world.

I shall return, folks. Until then, be good. And if you can’t be good, be lucky.


8 thoughts on “Journal #13

  1. That sounds absolutely amazing!
    Good luck with your exams! And with your writing for the next couple of days! I’m in the same boat with the student life thing – I am still in high school but I made the mistake of doing the IB so my writing’s suffering more than it should.

    1. Thanks! Writing is indeed taking a hit, but I’m sneaking some pages in there. Good luck with your IB, I’m sure you’ll fly through it.

      Just think of writing as your reward. The light at the end of the tunnel.

      1. Thanks! That’s a good way of thinking, I’ve been using writing as a de-stressing time which is how I’ve been sneaking it into my schedule.

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