Journal #14

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Life – 06-05-14

Life’s busy. Very busy.

My first exams have passed, and I feel I’ve done them due justice. Doing so included sacrificing blogging and social networking for over a week – which was a pain, but bearable. The real bitch of it was throwing in the towel with regard to reading and writing of any kind for seven whole day. Seven. Whole. Days.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I went without either one. And last week, I scarcely read or wrote a single word. Granted, I slipped a few times and snuck in a few hundred words on the Wednesday amidst a caffeine high. But that was only a minor blip in an otherwise arid stretch of turgid emptiness.

It’s a wonder how some people don’t read. I felt like I’d contracted a wasting disease.

But that’s only the first hurdle. Only a few weeks remain until the next run of two-hour hell-stints, and I have twice as much to prepare for. On top of the revision, I now have lectures, lab-days, and Japanese classes all jostling for my attention. While I’ve gone back to reading and writing, I’m feeling pressured to ration them already.

That dream cabin...
That dream cabin…

It’s times like these that make me long for that coveted writer’s cabin in the woods. I just want to hunker down in the wilderness with my books, and word processor, and be left alone. If only money grew on trees, eh?

And so, until early June, I shall continue in this semi-hermit state. I can only persist in my endeavour to make up for it come summer.

Alas, for the time being, I must continue on my journey towards scientific academia.

I’m writing this in a Costa in Leamington Spa. My treat to myself for exams well done. A day off? Hardly. I have a mere hour and a half before I’ll be back in my dorm room, slaving away at Quantum Mechanics.

So I’m savouring this. This time.

I’m writing. I’m free. And the Book Thief is by my side. (What a wonderful book it is, as well. I’d like to talk more on it, but I feel it deserves its own space, when I have the time.)

I have a Panini, too.

More soon.

Stay safe, everyone.


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