Journal #15

Week’s Top Tweet

Life – 13-05-14

Ruin is getting a fresh polish.

My upcoming post-apocalyptic debut, it’s been in the works for almost five years, and for the last ten months I haven’t so much as glanced at it. The manuscript has been making the rounds to various publishers, and I’ve been content to let it stew a while. After all, it’s had the full treatment: full edit, line edit, proofread, plus two rounds of beta-reading.

But I came back to it a few days ago, and right away a few lingering niggles leaped into my mind — things that must have been festering away in my subconscious, things I hadn’t managed to get just so. So I’m going back over it, loving just how easily I’m falling right back into the world I inhabited for over four years, seeing familiar faces and going on those familiar adventures. Along the way, I’m tidying up those lingering blunders.

This may be the last time I edit Ruin. In fact, I aim never to revise it after this. No writer is ever truly happy with a piece of work. There’s always something I could have done a little better. So this is the grand finale, the last push. After this, I’ll send it out to the big wide world to fight its own battles. I’ve got a whole lot of other stories that need tending to.

Chief among them: my WIP, the dystopian novella, Our Fair Eden. I hit the 38,000-word mark yesterday. Things are hotting up, and it looks like I’ll be rounding off at 50,000 with the first draft. Odd territory — no man’s land between novel and novella — but I’m pretty sure the next draft will shave that down to something closer to 40,000. Exciting times. I’m in the crux of it now, that blistering pace and energy that infects my fingers when things are going real good.

This is what I live for.

Exams are looming closer, but, today, I’m on a high.

Stay safe, everyone. May good times befall you and those you love.


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