Journal #16

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Life – 18-05-14

Tightening prose is something I haven’t had to do for a while. Almost ten months, in fact. But editing Ruin is something I feel I may never tire of. Like I said last week, this will probably be the last time I ever come back to the manuscript of the first instalment, so I’m enjoying this while it lasts.

It’s funny, talking about editing with any kind of fondness. Usually it’s the bane of my life, the necessity that I pay as recompense for getting to write all these stories and live these many lives. But any window into my beloved fantasy is something I cherish. In fact, I don’t think of this last pass as a chore at all. I almost don’t want it to end.

Our Fair Eden, my WIP novella, has passed the 40,000 word mark. The protagonist is building up to the final showdown, and things are hotting up. Writing is great at times like these; though you sit on your own tapping away on a computer in a silent room, you get a genuine adrenaline surge, just from writing fiction. You feel your characters’ fury, their fear, their woe.

Our Fair Eden’s hotting up. The Final Showdown is at hand!

Sounds flowery and pretentious, right? It doesn’t matter. It’s the truth.

With any luck I’ll be able to get through the meat of the action before the month is out, and tie things up ready for June. Then the manuscript will go into the drawer until autumn, and its own rounds of editing will begin.

Until next week, dear reader. Be good.


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