Journal #17

Week’s Top Tweet

Life – 29-05-14

It’s strange, hearing back from beta-readers. To really have somebody who has no vested interest in you or your work come back and share what they thought of it is mesmerising. It’s everything I want out of life. It’s why I write. I know the book hasn’t been released yet, and these aren’t real readers – they haven’t purchased anything, and I sought them out and politely asked if they’d agree to take time out of their busy lives for my sake – but it’s a taste of something I crave.

I’m not in this for the money. Unless you run your writing life like a cold-headed business with a rinse-repeat model of the same plots and sure-fire novel plans, writers are never in it for the money. Well, some are, but they soon learn that writing is the worst way to get rich quick by a country mile.

I’m in this for the people. If I can have just one person send me a letter or email, having purchased my book – my book, something I wrote – and enjoyed it, then I’ll have ticked off my greatest life-goal. If some words I’ve written on a page can make somebody’s day just that little easier, whether it entertains them, inspires them (eww, mushy), or just provides a little escapism from the nine-to-five slog and worries about their mortgage payments, then that’s enough for me. Hell, it’s more than enough. It would mean everything.

Here’s hoping Ruin is up to the task.


Life is running by at a bullet’s pace with exams and a Physics degree to worry about on top of all this, but I’m hanging in there. Just a few more weeks and I can return to writing with gusto, and finally get out there.

Oh, and I’ve just heard: a short story of mine has made it to the shortlist of a semi-pro magazine. Well, look at that. Just what I needed to keep up my spirits.

Life’s full of little pleasures.

Have a good one, folks. Make someone smile for me.


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