Journal #18

Week’s Top Tweet


Life – 07-06-14

Keep calm it's Exam Season
Something I’m living by a the moment…

The home stretch. I have five exams remaining, and this is the last weekend that I’ll be stuck inside studying while the arts students play Ultimate Frisbee outside in the sun (no offence if you’re an arts major, but I have a special slab of hatred reserved for you all, right now). It’s been a long slog and I need a good rest. Luckily I have a holiday lined up at the end of term, and I’ll be able to rest up, and write my heart out.

In fact, writing is all that’s keeping me sane at the moment. It’s coming in spurts and dribbles, but even the height of a Physics degree’s exam season hasn’t been enough to stop me sitting my arse in the chair and writing something every day. That’s how things get done: little by little.

Our Fair Eden, my WIP novella, is now wrapping up and I’m racing towards its denouement. I’m aware that I’ve been saying the same thing on that note for a while now, but I really mean it this time. Honest. (Watch out for the repeat of this next week.)

I’ve worked hard, this year. Very hard. And I look forward to working even harder over the summer on my writing. With luck, by this time next year I’ll have a few titles on the market, and I’ll have made some headway into my backlist.

Thanks for tuning in, dear reader. Go out in the sun and smile for me.

Until next time, kids.


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