Journal #20

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Life – 25-06-14

Book - The End
Actually getting to write these words gives me a real tingle.

This week I finished writing my WIP, Our Fair Eden. It’s been a few months going straight, and hard, right through exam season and my few well-earned weeks off at the end of term. But now I have a solid 65,000 words down on the page. My third completed work (not including myriad half-complete manuscripts, novellas and short stories), and still there’s no way to describe the feeling of closing off that window to a world you’ve lived in for hundreds of days. Putting down the pen or hitting the ‘return’ key for the last time, and realising that all that–everything you just went through with your characters–was all in your head. It’s all just so much ink on a page, or so many ones and zeros magnetically stored on a piece of metal. You just spent a few hundred hours with people who were completely imaginary, living imaginary lives, and for that brief time you knew them as though they were sitting right next to you. Such a surreal idea that on the face of things seems absurd, ridiculous–sometimes downright arty-farty. But there it is.

There’s nothing else quite like it.

I only had a moment of panic to wonder just what I’m going to work on now. Then I  saw my backlist of waiting stories, all pushing and shoving for a spot in the limelight. I took a glance at the first 25 and realised I could write every minute of every day for the rest of my life and never come close to getting everything written down even in rough. So all’s well, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. In fact, I’ll be spending only a few days working on rounding off a short story, and then it’ll be right onto the sequel of Ruin, Brink.

For now, Our Fair Eden will receive some little touches for the sake of how fresh a few niggles are in my memory, and then it’ll go into the drawer for a few months to stew and go cold. With luck, when I take it out again, it won’t look too awful, and I’ll be able to begin the long arduous journey towards the second draft.

Meantime, I have a whole new world to explore, and a debut novel to publish. Ruin, the first in a post-apocalyptic trilogy, is now scheduled for release this coming autumn. Keep your eyes peeled for more details, I’ll be posting them up soon.

And that’s my week, right there. Thanks for tuning in, as always, dear reader. Keep safe, and kiss a loved one next chance you get.


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