Journal #21

Tweet of the Week


Life – 11-07-14

I’ve returned from holiday in Cyprus with good friends, and I’m ready to get underway with the summer’s writing. Batteries recharged, spirits buoyed, Vitamin D topped up. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Soon, my book shall be among the world’s bookshelves…digital ones, anyway.

Ruin, my debut post-apocalyptic novel (see here for details), will be released 25th August. The first instalment in a trilogy, the Ruin Saga, it’s set to bring a new twist on the genre to the market. Readers of the Hunger Games, The Stand, and The Passage, keep your eyes peeled!

The publication process is underway. Editing and proofreading complete, following feedback from some truly fantastic beta-readers — Nick and Mary, I’m talking about you, in particular — and now the manuscript is getting ready for formatting. It’s a steep learning curve, going about securing ISBNs, copyright, and cover design (my covers were comissioned from a fantastic graphic artist, who I’m planning to feature in a coming post after the big reveal). Also, there’s the matter of learning about marketing, SEO, social media, and the myriad other things the modern indie author has to do solo.

I hear some people find all this responsibility overwhelming, or disheartening. I guess that’s what keeps some writers from ever turning into authors. On my part, I’m thrilled to be able to get my hands dirty. Entrepreneurial skills are going to make or break my writing career, and it’s all on me. What could be more exciting?

As mentioned in my previous entry (see Journal #20) I’ve finished Our Fair Eden, my WIP dystopian novel, which clocked in at a final 71,000 words on the first draft. A very good friend of mine is going to take it off my hands and tear it apart, once it’s stewed in a drawer for a while. I had a few worries during the writing process, but I’m pleased with how it turned out, and I think it’ll be a blast to edit.

For now, I’m diving right into Brink, sequel to Ruin, and second instalment in the Ruin Saga. I’ve already hit 10,000 words, and I have to say I haven’t had such a great run in over a year. My fingers are flying, the stuff is just pouring out of me. Yesterday, in fact, I had my laptop precariously wedged between two seats on a rolling coach, and still managed to pump out 2,000 words. This story has been brewing in the back of my mind for so long that writing it is no different from transcribing a movie, ready made, playing before my eyes.

Anybody looking to find out more about Ruin should watch my twitter feed, my blog, and my website.

Be good, folks. Don’t forget to enjoy the sunshine.


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