Journal #22

Writing Life

The finish line approaches!

My Goodreads author profile has now been activated (click here to head over there now) and I’ll be updating it with tidbits of trivia, and I’ll organise some giveaways around the release date. Anyone looking to get a good deal should keep their eyes on it, and subscribe to my mailing list.

Later today, I’ll be posting a guest interview with fellow indie Jess Sturman-Coombs, author of Pokerface. Any other authors looking to exchange guest posts, contact me through the usual channels.

Life news: I’ve got myself a little part-time day job for the summer, which gives me a little income to pay bills, but still leaves me with my writing time. The manuscript for Brink (Ruin #2) has reached 20,000 words; and Our Fair Eden, my recently-completed dystopian about runaway climate change, is off to a trusted friend for its first read-through.

This Week

This week has seen many of the final pieces of the self publishing jigsaw fall into place. ISBNs, copyright, proofreading, the big cover reveal, etc. have all been ticked off the list, and we’re approaching a single month until release on the 2t5h August.

I’ve received some lovely words of praise from people looking forward to release day, and though most indie authors (including myself) are unable to use the pre-order facility on Amazon and other retailers, I had noted some ‘pre-orders’ from people who are sure to buy. It’s thrilling to know that real people could be spending their hard earned cash on ideas that have spilled from my brain, and I’m hugely thankful in advance to any prospective readers


Today is lazy day. Besides writing this journal entry, I’m reading in the garden, playing a few video games, vegging out in front of Netflix and going for a nice walk.

For now, that’s a wrap. I’ll keep you posted, folks. Stay safe.



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