Journal #23

Not far to go, now. Less than a month remains until Ruin is released in its e-book form. If all goes well, the paperback will be released sometime early 2015, with the sequel in the saga, Brink, following shortly after.

It’s an exciting time. I got the proofs for the e-book back from the formatters yesterday, and sent back the final revisions. I’ll be getting the finals in a day or two, and then we’re good to go. All that remains after that is the uploading to the retailer websites, and we’re away, boys and girls!

I’m writing and editing steadily, weaving between work, driving lessons and other matters of life. For the moment I get Tuesday and Thursday as free ‘writing days’, and I manage a solid 2,000 words a day, usually. The other weekdays usually see anywhere between 500 and 1,000 new words, providing I’m not swamped. For the moment, I’m writing Brink, and as I write this we stand at around 35,000 words. I’m comfortable with that pace, and I expect to have a first draft completed before I return to university in September.

In between I’m beta reading a military sci-fi manuscript for someone who gave me some great feedback for Ruin (Nick, if you’re out there, I’m loving the story and can’t wait to finish), and running through a second draft of the dystopian novel I’ve been working on since January, Our Fair Eden.

Between now and Ruin‘s release day, I’m not sure what’ll happen. For the most part, everything’s locked down tight. I have a few guest spots on blogs and so forth, and I’m planning a few advertisements here and there, so I’ll keep you all posted. In the meantime, if you know anyone looking for a good autumn read who enjoys apocalyptic fiction, shoot them my mailing list link:

Until next time, kids.


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