Journal #24

So we’re down a little over two weeks until Ruin is released in stores. My debut will mark the beginning of my literary career, after five long years of planning, drafting, writing, submitting to agents and publishers, polishing, editing, and promoting.

Countless nights which I could have spent out with friends or drinking or vegging out in front of the TV, I’ve spent whittling away at short stories, novellas, and several novels, Ruin chief among them.  

Being here now, I can say every second has been worth it. 

But now is no time to slack off and put my feet up. In fact, it’s time to step things up a gear. I’ve topped 50,000 words on Ruin‘s sequel, Brink, in a little over five weeks. 10,000 words a week is nothing to sniff at, in my books, and if I can continue the trend, I’ll be finished by the time I’m called back to university for my second year of studies in Physics. 

I’ve now landed a rather physical summer job, and between that and learning to drive, finding the time and energy to keep writing can be tough. But I’m managing just fine, by using the same technique I used at university: carry my notebook around with my everywhere, and write snippets throughout the day, whenever I get a spare moment. Any waiting time can be turned to a writer’s advantage — you’d be surprised how much of the day you usually spend just stewing.

By this time next year, I plan to have four, maybe five, books on the shelves. If I can keep up this pace, I’m well on track. 

Be safe, dear readers. 


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