NEW RELEASE: Ruin – The Ruin Saga #1

The Ruin Saga Cover Art
The Ruin Saga begins…

It’s release day for my debut novel, Ruin!

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been writing for over nine years, and I’ve been working on this book alone for almost five of those. Endless re-writes, sleepless nights, and fits of doubt have all passed by, and now I’m finally here: the first of many, with any luck.


Ruin is set in a post-apocalyptic world, forty years after a mysterious disaster caused most of the world’s population to vanish. But a small community lives on, protecting what relics of civilisation they can, hoping to begin again. They have chosen a champion: Norman Creek, who is said to have a destiny, one which will see the return of society, and all the Old World’s wonders.

But Norman never wanted the life being thrust upon him. As famine grips the country, an angry horde begins a campaign of terror, and past misdeeds return to spite them, Norman must overcome his doubts, as danger grows ever closer, and the last war of mankind begins.

Ruin is the first instalment in the Ruin Saga, a trilogy that will mark the beginning of a larger body of work, the Pendulum Universe.

You can buy a copy in e-book format using any of the retailer links listed below. Keep your eyes peeled for the paperback version, out this coming February! I’d be eternally in your debt if you’d pick up a copy, and tell your friends – every little goes towards supporting my career!

Amazon UK | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | KoboSmashwords | AppleGoogle

Happy reading, everyone.



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