Journal #26

So, it’s been over a month since my last journal entry. A lot’s happened in that time. I’ve released my debut novel. Home life has changed more than I can say. I’ve left for my new student home, ready for year two of university. Between revising, dealing with family strife, learning to drive, and settling into my new home, finding time for reading and writing has taken an inevitable hit.

Student life
And so the student life resumes…

The first draft of Brink is still stumbling into being, however. I’m behind, but what word quota ever goes to plan over a period of so many months? We’re about to hit 90,000 words, on a projected 120,000 final count. True, I’m supposed to be finished with the first draft already, but on the upside, I’m more comfortable with the way the first pass is going that I thought. I was expecting to throw out whole chunks, where I’d been fiddling with the more complicated plot points, but it looks like things have settled into a much more stable whole.

With regard to Ruin, I’ve dispatched a few dozen gratis copies, and I’m hoping for a few more reviews in return. Thanks to the wonderful folks over at LibraryThing for setting up such great opportunities for indie authors to find new readers. With any luck, we’ll get some feedback that’ll give future prospective readers with a better feel why they should go jumping into that weird little world of mine.

Also, David Delaney has very kindly awarded me the ‘Lovely Blog’ award. Thanks again, David!

And that’s that, folks. Time for me to go hit the books for the day. You’ll be hearing from me more regular now things have settled down. Keep your ears to the ground.

Be kind, and tip your waiters. Big kiss.


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