Christmas sale and other goodies

Friends, readers, darlings. It’s been a while. Much has been going on, life has barreled forward without heed, and the days have flown by in a maelstrom of deadlines. But I return to you now bearing gifts and goodies!

Christmas Sale

Ruin – Ruin Saga #1 is on at half-price for the Christmas sales at just £1.52 (that’s $2.32 to you guys in the States). You can pick up your copy and make it that perfect gift for any sci-fi lover, apocalypse geek, or anybody with an overactive imagination and penchant for adventure.




Click here to buy!





Goodies to come

The sequel approaches: Brink – Ruin Saga #2

That’s right, folks. Brink, the epic sequel to Ruin, will be hitting the shelves early 2015. The editing is afoot, and the book is coming together fast. Anybody looking to get an advance copy, sign up to the mailing list.

Sneak peeks and a cover reveal are coming up soon!

Ruin paperback

I’m thrilled to have the proofs for the paperback of Ruin in hand. You’re in for a treat, guys, because the cover artist has really outdone himself. Be ready for some eye-candy over the next few weeks.


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