Journal #27

Well, boys and girls, it’s been a while since my last journal entry.

A lot’s happened in that time. I’ve finished the sequel to Ruin, called Brink, and it’s currently with the editor in line for the planned April/May release. It’s going to be a doozy, and I’m over the moon about how it turned out.

My life at university is zipping past at a blinding pace, and I’m crunching through the days. Reading and writing is keeping me sane. I don’t know how the others cope.

I’ve completed a short story entitled The Happy Place, which is going to appear in a thrilling new anthology, No Way Home, due out 1st March this year. It’ll be appearing along with a bunch of thrilling tales written by some ripping fellow indie sci-fi writers. More on that soon.

Meantime, check out the jaw-dropping cover:


Be sure to pick up your copy on release day. ARC readers are welcome; just get in touch!

And that’s just the start of this year’s run. Just a few weeks later in mid-march/early-april, my new cli-fi novel, Our Fair Eden, will finally be hitting the digital bookshelves. Expect a cover reveal and excerpts in the next few weeks!


So that’s that. I’m just checking in, so don’t expect the usual spiel and drivel. There’s plenty of time for that in the year to come.

So, as always, dear readers, I bid you be good and kind.

– H


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