New Book: Our Fair Eden – Cli-Fi Dystopia

Guys and gals, I’ve been rabbiting on about my upcoming cli-fi (climate-change science fiction) WIP for months now, and you’ve stomached it admirably. Well, I’m thrilled to say that the wait is finally at an end.

Our Fair Eden is now available for pre-order! Release day is a mere two weeks away on 20th March.

The book will be available in e-book through Amazon (exclusively, for now, so Kindle Unlimited members can swing by and borrow it for free), and the paperback will be hot on its heels.

Our Fair Eden Cover

It’s 2087, and the Earth’s climate is in wild fluctuation. The Amazon Basin is a sun-baked graveyard, the Gobi is blossoming into tropical beauty, Europe is buried beneath icy tundra, and Manhattan is a swamp of the risen Atlantic. Old paradises are becoming new wasteland, old wasteland a new breed of paradise. Nowhere is safe. Millions flee the world’s cities. But where do they run to?

The UN has an answer: the Eden Projects, colonies drawn from all nations, leading the charge in beginning anew, and developing new technologies to help start over.

Desh can’t believe his luck when he wins the lottery to Eden Prime, most famous of all the Projects, hidden in the heart of Mongolia. But when he arrives in Eden, he finds himself caught in a struggle against a cruel autocracy, divided into gentry and peasants, all under the watchful eye of mysterious Texan matriarch, Mother Eden.

Click here to reserve your e-book copy now (£2.50 / $3.99). Alternatively, wait until release day and get yourself the paperback (£8.99 / $11.99).

Before I go on, I just want to remind everybody subscribed to my mailing list that you’ll be getting a free e-book copy a full 10 days before release. (For anyone not signed up yet: don’t worry, you can still get in on the deal. Just sign up now, and watch your inbox!)

I’ve had a fantastic response from my beta readers and pre-release reviewers. I have my fingers crossed, because I think fans of my work are really going to enjoy this one.

Like I’ve said, this year looks to be shaping up to be a great one. No Way Home (click here to take a peek) has hit #1 bestseller in sci-fi anthologies, and #1 on the Hot New Releases list in the same category, all in the first week!

Our Fair Eden is leaping into daylight just three weeks on its tail. Come June/July, Brink (Ruin Saga #2) is going to be hitting the shelves.

As always, if you happen to swing by and take a read of my new book, I would bow at your feet if you’d consider typing up a little review on Amazon. If you don’t want your opinions public then by all means just email me; I’m not in this for the money, I’m in it for all of you, so hearing from you makes all the difference.

Alright, that’s all, folks. I’ll bow out. Now go buy my book!


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