Another Blog Hop: Works in Progress

Blog Hop time! It’s been a month or two since I’ve gabbed about what I’m up to and what you can expect in the near future. This post is thanks to a Hop nomination from Lucas Bale.

Lucas has been a busy bee. His Beyond the Wall series has been going from strength to strength, with The Heretic and Defiance pushing their way out in to the wide world to great aplomb. Bar that, he’s releasing the third instalment of the series in the coming months, has curated the fantastic anthology No Way Home, and is also due to release another short-antho in the near future.

Lucas is a serious future heavyweight in the sci-fi arena, and an all-round good guy. I’m lucky to work with him. Absolutely go check out his sparkly website, and pick up a few copies of his books—take it from me, his tight prose and wicked storytelling are well worth a look.

So the rules of this thing:

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Write and little about and give the first sentence of the first three chapters of your WIP.
  3. Nominate some other writers to do the same.

Righto, sounds good. Make sure to pop down to the bottom of the page afterward to check out my nominations.


Brink – Ruin Saga #2

The second instalment in the Ruin Saga is due out this Spring, and with any luck it’ll be as well received as Ruin! It’s been a while since I wrote the first draft, and it’s been overhauled by editors over the winter. Now the time is nearing when I’ll be beginning the final onslaught leading to publication.

You’ll be hearing more about this soon, but for now I’m going to share some of these opening lines as they currently stand. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Chapter 1

Radley leaped a fallen log, holding in a scream as he ran for his life. Wiping a slick of snot and tears from his face, his view of the way ahead cleared a little. The young black forest swam in the predawn light, but ahead a clearing of rusted metal called him forth. Twingo was close, but so were his pursuers. In seconds he would be within shouting distance, but until then he had to keep quiet. If he squawked now, they would be on him before he could take another step.

Chapter 2

“Geoffrey, get down!” Alexander Cain bellowed.

A hundred other warnings joined his own, but they came too late. The line of dark figures holed up on the mezzanine of the old skyscraper had already snaked their rifle barrels into view. Before the ambassadorial convoy from Bristol could raise their heads, three dozen muzzle-flashes winked in the gleaming midday heat.

Chapter 3

Light. A metallic squeal amidst total blackness.

Lucian lifted his head, breathing stale stinking air, and blinked fiercely. His eyes streamed, the optic nerve throbbing at the intensity of the square of orange radiance pouring into the room. How long had he been in this damp dark concrete cell, his hands and feet bound to this infernal unyielding metal chair?

He thought it might have been hours, but days would have better suited the ache in his back and the numbness in his legs. He had heard others beyond his four walls, begging and babbling, some screaming. But they had seemed far away, removed from his own private darkness, as though their beatings and torture had been going on in some distant land.

So that’s a little sneak peek on how Brink is coming along. I’m currently tying up work on Our Fair Eden, and then my efforts will move onto editing Brink in earnest. I can’t wait to jump back into the world of the Ruin Saga!


My Nomination

I’m going to pass the blog hop over onto Crystin Goodwin. Crystin seems to follow my drivel with some regularity, and I enjoy reading her blog—it’s a nice change from the commercial tack so many indie writers take. She enjoys reading, writing, video games and anime, among other things.

I encourage you to check out her blog and her debut novel, UnBlessed!


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