Book Release: Brink – Ruin Saga II

Today’s the day! Brink, Book 2 in the Ruin Saga, is now up for sale!

Brink (Ruin Saga #2) Cover

Shadow has fallen over the remains of the Old World. Decades after the apocalypse, Norman Creek and the mission of New Canterbury face a world turned hostile by famine and betrayal.
Struggling to save all they can before civilisation vanishes forever, they face a grave new enemy that lurks somewhere in the vast wastes. Fires are appearing on the horizon, swarms of mysterious birds plague the sky, and rumours are spreading of an army gathering in the North. 
As darkness draws ever closer around them, supernatural forces entwine a chosen few in a battle between good and evil, one that may decide the fate of everyone. 
The last war of humanity is about to begin.

Buy Now (Ebook / Paperback)

Anybody who picks one up has the opportunity to join my illustrious list of favourite-people-ever! All they have to do is post a review to either Amazon, or Goodreads (or both).

I jest. But sales live and die by the kindness of readers posting their thoughts on retailer sites. Please, be awesome and say a few words!

Anything to help out with the release would be most appreciated, whether that be tweeting or a little Facebook post — better yet, just letting any fellow post-apocalyptic fans know there’s a cool new story out there!


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