Frost: A Sneak Peek

Just a few days until Frost: A Ruin Novella hits the shelves. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come this Monday, August 31st!

Click the link under this snippet to download the full preview.

Steel grey Manhattan avenues fizzed by in a blur of concrete, greed, and drizzle. It was rush hour, bumper to bumper, and the air was alive with honking; thick with sewer overspill, reconstituted hotdogs, and the gamey tang of sweat. A chaos of bustling commuters, taxi drivers, subway trains and business types, each wrapped in their own lives and worries.
None of them know it’s all about to come crashing down, thought Milton Harper, eyeing Fifth Avenue through his limousine’s tinted windows. All these little critters scurrying around like it’s all a given, like it’ll go on forever. It’s a wonder they haven’t been squashed already.
“What’s the hold up?” he snapped, eyeing the driver. That somebody as important as him could be held up by these fucking ants, with their mortgages and screaming kids, iPhones and Netflix accounts; none of that could insulate them from what was coming.
And he was close, now. So close. In minutes they would arrive and he could set to work…

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